Thing that make you go, “Hmm.”

After a couple of pretty deep entries, I thought I would take a minute and just highlight some of the comical things I’ve noticed so far in this journey.

Just for fun.

Please feel free to leave comments with your own observations, or stories. We must keep finding humor is all of this or we might just go crazy.

I know I started this blog by mentioning the “fish picture.”  I even named my blog after this oddity.  But I think it’s worth repeating because THERE ARE SO MANY.  I don’t care how big your fish is.  My guess is that men are “hunters and gatherers” by nature so it’s in their DNA.  They need to feel like they are “providing,” and maybe that means bringing home “The big fish!”   Again, can you catch me?  Do you want to catch and release? Or are you looking to bring me home and fry me up? 

On second thought, maybe neither one of those sound very good.

Other profile observations that just make me scratch my head:

Who is taking these pictures of the guys working out at the gym?

When they only have photos with sunglasses on, do they even have eyeballs?

Snapchat filters?  COME ON!

Dogs as the only profile photos?   When I see these, I like to imagine that it IS actually a dog’s profile and always conclude I would probably like the dog much better anyway.

I also find it fairly frustrating when all the photos are group shots, and you have to go frame by frame to figure out who is the same in each picture. Are they challenging our problem solving abilities?

Also, ranking up there with the fish pictures are the photos of the cars, the boats, the gardens, the guns, or the boots.  None of those things will keep me warm at night.

And then there is this……

This guy says he’s an “Ethical Hedonist” I will have to say, I’ve learned new vocabulary throughout this process for sure.

Oh, and I just came across this gem this morning.  How could any woman resist the charm?

Finally, I wanted to share the humor in the randomness of these photos.

If you are familiar at all with Bumble, you know that the profiles line up in your “Beeline” and you can go down the list and either click to open for more info, or you can go ahead and swipe left or right.

On this particular day, these poor guys just happened to line up in the sequence shown below. Made.. My.. Day..

Again, please feel free to leave some comments of funny / interesting / frustrating things you have found along the way.

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