You’ve got mail!

The wait was not a long one.

The likes and messages started to trickle in fairly quickly.

Now, don’t get excited yet, because if you do, you will be making the same mistake I did.

Upon getting the notification that someone liked and messaged me, I quickly logged into the app and clicked away.  Only to realize that you have to be a paid subscriber to see the messages and likes.

Oh the injustice of it all!

How can this be?  These apps are supposed to be free right?.  There must be something wrong with the technology.

So I promptly deleted the app and reinstalled it.  Logged in, and tried again. 

I mean, that IS the equivalent to rebooting your computer right?

and again….

Meanwhile, my likes and messages had doubled!  My soul mate could be waiting for me, possibly talking to another woman at this very moment, while I’m waving my fist in the air, screaming WHY?!

I very seriously considered writing a complaint to the customer service team, but instead, I did the next best thing..

I clicked on the “Upgrade now” button.

How bad could it be right?

$29.95 for one month, or $49 for 6 months. 

You would think I would go for the 6-month value option, but there was NO way I was going to need this subscription for 6 months!  My soulmate was already waiting just on the other side of the credit card information, a.k.a “The wall.”  All I needed to do, was get access to his email, and the next credit card transaction I would make would be for the wedding flowers. 

The monthly subscriptiom it was!

I yanked out my credit card, started to fill out the info, and suddenly felt a little odd. 

Sort of….. well…


I felt like I was selling my soul. Or was I trying to buy it?

It felt dirty.  And just wrong. 

How did my romantic life end up being defined by how much I paid for access to men’s profiles?

How sad is it, that I’m now considering paying money to swipe or be swiped? 

I had a moment of sadness wash over me as I contemplated all that is the online dating experience.

Then I quickly got over myself and remembered my boyfriend was waiting!! Who I am to cause another human distress.  If not for me, I should do it for him.

Then I started playing mind games with myself like.  Ok G, ordering in pizza one night for you and your son, or going to see a movie would be more than the monthly subscription, it’s not a big deal.

So I decided to do it!  $29.95 was history and I was only a few clicks away from my soulmate.

And that my friends, was 8 months ago

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